About Us

Admobly is a global digital advertising network which specializes and focus on the online media advertising. Admobly is Dedicated to complete value chain optimization and maximization of ROI for advertisers. Company has expanded into new industries, all related to the marketing and sales of services for internet based products. Our performance is recognized as innovative, creative and setting new standards. Management philosophy encourages employee initiative and compensates staff with promotional incentives for outstanding management on projects. The group was established by entrepreneurs Mr Vinay K. and Mr Ajay K. who collectively have two decade years of experience in marketing for hi-tech industries, various enterprises, and the establishment and management of globally-based projects.

ADMobly Features


Age, Gender and income for example can determine our targeting


Targeted email sent to users with historical propensity to convert


In app ads served based our user actions within interest-specific apps

Geo Targeting

Country, City, IP wise

By Publisher Vertical

Excluded non performing publishers


By Operator/wifi, handset, browsers, models etc.

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